Road Traffic

For many people, a Road Traffic Offence,for example speeding or driving whilst using a mobile telephone, may be their first involvement in the Criminal Justice System. This can be a daunting prospect for individuals who otherwise have had no prior dealings with the Criminal Justice System. If you are facing a road traffic related charge, it is vital that you obtain legal advice at an early stage in proceedings and preferably even before a Summons has been served. Road traffic law is a complex area of Law and there may be grounds upon which to challenge an offence on a technical basis even when you may have been advised to plead guilty. Additionally, it is not always the case that disqualification from driving will be the inevitable result of the imposition of twelve penalty points. Expert legal representation is essential to ensure the most favourable outcome.

keenan solicitors police trafficThe consequences of being convicted of a road traffic offence can have a major impact upon your life. Insurance premiums may increase if penalty points are imposed, you may find work and family life difficult if you are disqualified or your licence is revoked, and in extreme cases you could be facing imprisonment. If you have been involved in any road traffic offence it is essential that you seek legal advice immediately. This may well have an impact upon the outcome of your case. Our Solicitors are familiar with the case law and legislation in this area of the law, and we can offer you quality legal assistance.


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