Gerry Keenan

Gerry Keenan, Partner
Gerry Keenan is the firm’s founding partner. He is a highly experienced Criminal Litigator with in almost thirty years experience at every level of Criminal Litigation from Justice of The Peace Court prosecutions, to representing clients’ interests in Appellate proceedings in the Supreme Court in London.

He has represented clients charged with every conceivable crime from minor Road Traffic matters to Murder. He has represented clients in cases which have radically altered the Law of Scotland. He is highly regarded within the Legal Profession and is regularly instructed by major Legal Firms throughout the country.

Gerry is a native of Glasgow, graduated with Honours in Law from Glasgow University in 1987 and qualified as a Solicitor in 1989. Since then he has specialized in Criminal Defence work. He brings a high level of expertise to the Courtroom and regularly achieves excellent results for his clients.


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