Children’s Hearings

The system of Children’s Hearings is a significant component of the Criminal Justice System in Scotland and one which is unique to our system. At the heart of the system is the desire to assist families in difficulty. Proceedings are initiated by way of a Grounds for Referral in which the particular area of difficulty is identified.

keenan solicitors childrenAn accompanying Statement of Facts provides detailed specification. Grounds for Referral may comprise an allegation that a Crime has been committed by a child, that there has been a lack of parental care, or that a child has failed, without reasonable excuse, to attend school. Although matters can be resolved at an early stage by way of a negotiated agreement, if this cannot be achieved the case is referred to the Sheriff Court for proof. Expert Advocacy skills and knowledge of the law are necessary here to properly represent clients’ interests.

The outcome of any proceedings initiated via the Children’s Hearing system can have a lasting effect upon families for many years. Nothing can be taken for granted. Although the system is designed to be informal, the Law pertaining to this area is complex and expert Legal Advice is necessary at every stage.

At Keenan Solicitors, over many years we have represented many hundreds of families involved in the Children’s Hearing system and we have appeared with families at the initial stages and at the Proof stage before the Sheriff. By instructing us you can be assured of representation of the highest standards.


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